May 21, 2019

SFWC 2/15/2014

photo5 This year the California Writers Club was a full sponsor of the 2014 San Francisco Writers Conference. The mission of the conference is to build bridges to better tomorrows for everyone connected to the conference by:

  • Giving writers the information and inspiration they need to
    • write and sell their books
    • make them successful
    • reach their literary and financial goals
  • Providing a forum for writers, agents, publishers, and writers organizations
  • Helping writers build the networks they need by creating a community of writers online and off . . .

Because the CWC’s mission statement mirrors that of the conference, we were able to reach out to many of the same writers who are seeking help, support and encouragement in their writing by providing them with information about the merits of our Club.

This is our second year at the conference and each year our table improves. Our new eye-catching banner, designed by Joyce Krieg, was a 2014 addition.  The Tri-Fold Display, designed for the 2013 conference by Deborah Bernal, is a collage of some of our Published Authors’ Books. The poster on the easel was designed as part of California Writers Week, celebrated each year during the third week of October.

Special Thanks to the CWC volunteers that made this year a success:Berkeley – Kathleen Orosco, Kristen Caven and Davie Simmons

Fremont – Carol Hall and Nancy Curteman 

Marin Branch – Mary Krefting  and  Diane Vickers

Mt. Diablo – Don Maker          

Redwood Writers – Julia Park Tracey                         

SF/Peninsula Branch – Carole Bumpus, Chris Wachlin and Max Tomlinson

South Bay – Doug Cremer and Kate Russell


 photo3 An extra special thank you to Carole Bumpus and Kathleen Orosco, (pictured above at center stage) for organizing the many details. They are joined by Nancy Curteman and Carol Hall, from the Fremont Branch and Don Maker from Mt. Diablo.To the left: The Berkeley Branch volunteers receive the most unique photo award with Davie Simmons in full costume (except for the hat) from his movie part in Braveheart.  Kathleen Orosco and Kristen Caven are the two ambassadors to his left.”I only did one session but it was ENOUGH to energize my career and set new goals!  Thanks for the opportunity.  It was great to meet ya’ll!”

~Kristen Caven”

“The CWC volunteer experience at SFWC is incomparable.  All three days,  I felt the creative energy among published and aspiring writers in the exchange of literary ideas, educational tools, and innovative publishing.”

~Kathleen Orosco

“Participating in promoting the California Writers Club gave me the chance to explore what other clubs did as well as explaining what our club had to offer.  Meeting new members and sharing my enthusiasm for the SFWC and our clubs was great fun.”

~Davie Simmons

On the right is Diane Vickers from CWC Marin Branch, proudly displaying our banner.Our volunteers had a tremendous time:


Thank you, Carole and Kathleen, for leading us to a great presence there. I echo everyone else in my appreciation for everything you did to make it great for attendees, and smooth and easy for us volunteers. Like the others, I look forward to 2015.

~Christopher Wachlin

Thank you for your leadership and your clear, helpful and timely messages!I had a ball and I came away inspired from new stories and friendships from my shift.

~Take care, Doug Cremer

I had no idea, when I volunteered, what an exciting and rewarding experience the Writers Conference would be! Thank you Carole and Kathleen, for all of your hard work and encouragement. I’m already looking forward to next year!

~Kate Russell


 cwc-table-with-jordan-and-jane On the left, Deborah “Jordan” Bernal (Tri-Valley) and Jane Glendenning (Berkeley) host the California Writers Club’s reception table.Heartfelt thanks from our organizers:

Dear CWC Volunteers,  

     Thank you, thank you one and all, for all your efforts at the SFWC.  Just to get to the Mark Hopkins Hotel, itself, is difficult, but you all were stalwart and marched up that hill and into the Room of the Dons—maybe puffing and wheezing—but ready to show the world our CWC face.  We had many attendees who signed up on the clip board, and many others who took our brochures with interest.  We were not shooting for numbers of actual membership applications as of yet, but just to let people know who we are and how vital we can be to their writing lives!  You all did that and we are most appreciative that we—the CWC—showed so well.   

 Again, thank you for your participation and eagerness to be there.  Hopefully, we let you slip out enough to catch some good sessions in the mix.   

Cordially, Carole Bumpus and Kathleen Orosco


To the right:


Writing Coach and CWC member Teresa LeYung-Ryan helps another writer along his journey.