August 28, 2016

CWC NorCal Group

1393817588_openofficeorg-writerWho Are We?    NorCal Group is an association of Northern California branches of the California Writers Club (CWC) that, due to proximity and common interests, have joined in the pursuit of ideas, opportunities, and events that speak directly to our craft of writing and the means of getting published. Our intent is to share branch awareness – successes and misses –  as well as to scour our broader landscape, singling out and creating opportunities of value that will provide a benefit to branch members. We meet three times per year on the first Saturday of February, May, and October. All members of the California Writers Club are welcome. Contact and/or come with your NorCal representative.

The NorCal Group Mission Statement

Through exchange, collaboration, and execution of ideas, the intent of this group is to further the opportunities for writing and publication to the betterment of branches and their members.

1393818029_TargetMotto Excellence through sharing and synergy.

Chair: Carole Bumpus1393818029_Target


Tiny cwc logoCWC History:  The California Writers Club (CWC), founded in 1909, is the oldest professional writers’ club in the western United States. It started under the influences of Jack London, George Sterling, Herman Whitaker, and Austin Lewis. CWC is a nonprofit organization with 21 branches that comprise approximately 1,900 members statewide.

                              Visit the state website at for a list of all the branches.



California Writers Week The central board oversees the branches and, with a resolution by the California State Assembly, has set aside the third week in October every year as California Writers Week. The resolution was adopted September 4, 2003. The week is set aside to honor all California writers, past and present, for their creative endeavors and often pivotal contributions to society, as well as to encourage future writers.